Born and raised in Louisiana, Jess Kerber’s eclectic folk is a bridge between voices of the past and songs of the future. With a voice like molten honey and intricate guitar parts in alternate tunings, Kerber weaves stories to get lost in. Her style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, mixed with the bittersweet stylings of modern-day folk icons, Adrianne Lenker and Faye Webster.

At the age of 15, Jess discovered the 5-Week summer program that Berklee hosts and became determined to attend. She decided to spend the rest of her highschool career saving up money to attend this program. For the next four years, Jess performed weekly at restaurants, weddings and festivals, eventually reaching her goal soon after. 

A few years later, Jess graduated from Berklee College of Music as the 2018 Lollapalooza full-tuition scholarship recipient. In her last year of school, she organized a festival celebrating the life of her house she lived in at the time, famously-named The Brighton House. For over ten years, this house has been home to Boston’s most renowned folk musicians. The festival debuted at Cambridge’s own Club Passim, while Jess was taking part in a summer internship there. 

Following the close of this chapter, she released her self-titled sophomore album, which she co-produced and feels is the first representation of her deepest artistic sound. Along with being a performing artist, Jess is also a well-versed session musician; and if you listen close enough to any of her friends’ projects, you just might be able to hear her. 


In the Fall of 2021, she embarked on a self-booked European tour with New England - based singer/songwriter, Will Orchard. Together, they performed in 19 cities throughout western Europe, starting in the UK and ending in Sweden. 


Jess now lives in Austin, TX and is consistently striving to write what feels true and developing her own creative authenticity, striving to make a change for the better with her words.